Elly Kellner

Crea-Lieveling    Singer-songwriter    Mezzo/Soprano

2020 EP - I could have made a child

(soon to be released)

2018  Mijn gammele cassette      

Dutch songs / Happy melancholy  

Recorded, mixed , mastered by Danny Gras at De Kift Studio (March 2018), except track 15, 16 and 17 recorded by Elly Kellner in 2014. Elly Kellner: Vocals, Backing vocals, Acoustic guitar, Beats, Electronic instruments.

2016  Zinken & Zweven        

Dutch songs / Peaceful melancholy  

Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered by BJ Baartmans at Studio Wild Verband (2015/2016). Elly Kellner: Vocals, Backing vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar on no 11 & 12, Casio on track 12. BJ Baartmans: Mandolin, Bass,  Drums,                                                             Percussion, Electric & Acoustic guitar, Ebow, Resonator.

2012  Successfool      English & Dutch songs 
Produced, recorded, mixed by Elly Kellner (Sept. 2011 – Oct 2012). Mastered by Hay Zeelen Mastering. Elly Kellner: Vocals, Backing vocals, Acoustic guitar. Design and art direction by Mandy van Goeije.

2008  Elly Kellner (EP)            English songs

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Danny Gras at Yellow Cactus Studio. Mastered by Hay Zeelen Mastering. CD cover: Sicco Faase/Pepperpack. Elly Kellner: Vocals, Acoustic guitar. Lennart v/d Berg: Bass guitar. Guido Elshof: Drums. Moniek de Leeuw: Violin.

Matthews Southern Comfort

Elly joined Iain Matthews on his tours with 'Matthews Southern Comfort' (2011 & 2012). Iain had a big hit in the sixties with the song Woodstock, originally by Joni Mitchell. Before that he was part of the legendary Fairport Convention. Together with Iain, guitarist BJ Baartmans, pianist Bart de Win and Elly on acoustic guitar and vocals 'Kind of Live' was recorded. Elly sang backingvocals on their 2020 album 'The New Mine'.

Shannon Lyon

Canadian singer-songwriter Shannon Lyon en Elly Kellner recorded the album Broken Things which offers intimate and sensitive songs. Elly also sang backing vocals on his album 'The Lights Behind' (2014) and, together with BJ Baartmans, joined Shannon on his tour in 2015.


Photo © Luuk Huiskes

Photo © Rick Ruskus