Elly Kellner

Crea-Lieveling    Singer-songwriter    Mezzo/Soprano

Photo by Ann Beckers


Award winning singer-songwriter from the Netherlands with Belgian roots. Creative, soft-hearted and receptive; once cut down but now broken free and living from a frame of love. Elly Kellner plays a 4-string guitar in special tuning, sometimes offering a dissonant siren but more often the gentle, warm whisper in your ear.

Lyrically Elly tries to go beyond existing taboo, right into the core of her inner world, with the firm belief that there must be others who'll recognize the mutual experience and feel less alone as a result. It is the only reason for her to keep sharing her music.

Besides performing solo Elly is part of the Beyond Music Project and with 21 artists from all over the world she recorded an album (released August 2019) under the guidance of Grammy-winning producer Larry Klein (USA) at Studios La Fabrique in the South of France.  In the past she has also had the pleasure of joining Iain Matthews and his Matthews Southern Comfort (UK) on tour and she sang backing vocals for Shannon Lyon (CAN). 

TAMOIL Culture Award for Arts & Literature

In November 2019 Elly was awarded the Tamoil Culture Award because of her artistic, inspiring and heart-felt lyrics, music and comics.

Excerpt from the Jury's speech: 

"Elly is able to write about what is sharp and painful in a way that makes it slightly muffled and vague and therefore easier to digest and look at.  At the same time she knows how to make  the vague visible with exactly the right words and has thus far written over a 1000 songs."

Photo by  SHOOT!ByGitta

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Beyond Music Project

Producer/GRAMMY winner Larry Klein (USA) selected Elly for the Beyond Music Project. She was invited to work on the album Same Sky that was released worldwide in August.  The record has a total of ten songs with artists from all over the world.  

Click on the image below: a behind the scenes look at Studios La Fabrique, France, with Heather Bond & Elly Kellner featuring the song "Different, You and I". You can stream it via Spotify and purchase it via google music. More info: beyondmusicproject.org

Credits: "Different, You and I" Produced by Larry Klein. Composed/written by Heather Bond & Elly Kellner. Mixed by Tim Palmer.

Heather Bond & Elly Kellner (lead & backing vocals) Kane Mathis (kora), John Lumpkin (drums), Andreas Bernitt (violin, string arrangement), Moshe Elmakias (piano), Ed Harcourt (wurlitzer, piano), Dan Lutz (bass), Adrian Utley (guitar), Dean Parks (guitar)